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The path to a thinner you can be challenging – there are no short cuts. Initial weight loss is typically followed by weeks or even months of sluggish progress, leading many to abandon hope. Hunger can be a strong impediment to sticking to nutrition goals. That’s where neuroTRIM comes in. neuroTRIM can be a valuable means of improving digestion while helping to control appetite!

  • neuroTRIM is packed with powerful soluble fibers that improve digestion, help keep appetite in check and optimize conditions promoting weight loss in healthy individuals.
  • FIBERSOL-2 a resistant maltodextrin (soluble fiber) that promotes beneficial intestinal bacteria (prebiotic) in the large intestine.
  • CHICORY ROOT INSULIN another dynamic soluble fiber derived from the chicory root that provides various prebiotic benefits, including improvement and stabilization of gut microbiota. Also supports various digestive health functions.
  • KONJAC GLUCOMANNAN is a long-chain polysaccharide derived from the root of the konjac tree. It’s a highly hygroscopic (water-absorbing) soluble fiber with over twenty clinical trials to support hunger-reducing and appetite control benefits plus aid in weight loss.
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