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Ahh, A good night’s sleep. It’s the thing our bodies need but never seem to get enough of. neuroSLEEP is a delicious, non-carbonated beverage that combines the scientifically proven benefits of melatonin with 5-HTP, magnesium, and the super fruit extracts pomegranate, acai, and blueberry. These key ingredients have been shown to help the body gently relax and aid creating a better sleep. Try a bottle for yourself and discover the restful sleep that awaits you.

  • neuroSLEEP combines the right amount of melatonin with other sleep-promoting botanicals and nutrients such as 5-HTP and magnesium.
  • MELATONIN Found in all types of grain, vegetables, beer, wine and plants, melatonin at proper dosage amounts (0.3 mg – 3 mg) promotes sleep.
  • MAGNESIUM An important electrolyte for maintaining proper water balance during rest.
  • L-THEANINE (L-TEAACTIVE) is a plant-based amino acid that doesn’t cause one to sleep, but can help relax the brain and body in preparation for sleep.
  • 5-HTP a form of bioavailable tryptophan (amino acid) that gently influences sleepiness.
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